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Snowbirds: Mainers Who
Go South In Winter

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Snowbirds DVD Cover

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It happens every year. Some of our friends and neighbors disappear to the Sunshine State to escape the snow and cold.

But what do these snowbirds do all winter in Florida with no snow shoveling, no skiing to enjoy and no ice fishing available?

Where do they go in Florida? Why do they choose those places? What do they miss about Maine? What DON'T they miss? Do they get bored?

"Snowbirds" focuses on four different couples from various parts of Maine who spend the winter in different areas of Florida.

Far from getting bored, they have very active lives and some of those activities are surprising and heartwarming.

In some ways, the Maine spirit is alive and well in Florida during the winter months as the snowbirds reveal in this one-hour film.

Brenda and Alan Jepson, Madawaska Lake film makers, spent ten days capturing the lives of their friends and neighbors to discover what it is like to become snowbirds.

Running time: 60 mins

Price: 19.95

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A video sampler:

Snowbirds Promo for Vimeo from Crown Of Maine Productions on Vimeo.

Snowbirds Trailer from Brenda Nasberg Jepson on Vimeo.


Snowbirds DVD Cover

DVD $19.95

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Crown of Maine Productions, Inc.
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